Sep 29

Cheap Work Boots | How to Find Cheap Work Boots

Whether you are looking for inexpensive fashion boots or kingshow work boots that you can get muddy without a care, cheap boots can be fun to find and wear. You can get new boots cheaply or look for bargains on second hand footwear. Depending on whether you want the boots to last just a season before you pass them on or you need your boots to stay in shape through many uses, you may need to keep an eye out for quality as well as price. After all, boots aren’t cheap if you have to buy several pairs to get through a season. Here’s how to find cheap boots.

1. Look for cheap boots through secondhand sources. Check out yard sales, consignments shops and thrift stores, which are your best source for quality boots at a low price. It’s possible to find a pair of leather L.L. Bean boots for as little as $8 at a thrift store.

2. Scour print ads, from classifieds to retail announcements. You might learn about a western apparel retailer going out of business and find cowboy boots super cheap. Look in community classified sections under clothes, horses and farms. Work boots and cowboy boots may be listed in a lot with tack or show apparel.

3. Check out on-line discount shoe sites such as Zappos. Some sites offer free shipping, which helps to keep your purchase cheap and lets you know the price doesn’t double when you go to check out. Sort the selection by size and price to get a quick idea of boots available in your size and price range.

4. Shop at bricks and mortar retailer stores known for discount prices, such as shoe outlets and strip mall shoe sellers. The quality varies, but you can usually get trendy boots cheaply. Or, keep an eye out for rock bottom sales at higher end stores.

Tips & Warnings

Look for cheap boots in January, February and March, when winter shoes go on clearance to make room for sandals and strappy summer footwear.

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Sep 23

Kingshow Boots | How to Make Boots Smell Better

Few shoes are as versatile as boots. Whether you use your Kingshow boots for hiking, skiing, working, riding, or hitting the town, they don’t allow air to circulate around the foot, and they eventually start to smell from a buildup of bacteria and sweat. Boots let you work and play hard. Take care of them by giving them a freshening boost, and then keep them odor free with a little preventative maintenance.

1. Remove the insoles of your Kingshow work boots, and wash them with laundry detergent in the washing machine. Place them in a sunny spot to dry. If they are falling apart and won’t survive the wash, you can buy replacement insoles at any shoe store.

2. Rinse the insides of the boots with soapy water. Repeat with clean water to remove all of the soap. This procedure will eliminate some of the odor and wash away salt from sweaty feet.

3. Place the boots in an airy spot to dry thoroughly before storing or wearing again. You can dry work boots and hiking boots with a hair dryer. Let leather boots air dry, since a hair dryer can cause the leather to shrink. Rolled newspaper inserted into boots will pull moisture away from the boots, allowing them to dry quicker.

4. Stuff dryer sheets into each boot. Leave them in overnight or longer. The dryer sheets will absorb odor and leave a fresh, clean scent behind.

5. Replace the clean insoles when you are ready to wear the boots again.

6. Control odor by washing your feet well with soap, always wearing socks with your boots and allowing your boots to dry thoroughly after you wear them.

Tips & Warnings
Coffee and allspice are other proven methods of controlling boot odor. Fill the bottom of your boots with one of the two substances, and leave in place for several hours or overnight. Empty the boots into the garbage can before wearing them.


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Sep 23

Kingshow Work Boots

Kingshow work boots made with the genuine leathers and latest craftsmanship, rugged and dependable. Premium genuine leather after water treatment for comfort, durability and abrasion resistance. Rubber lug outsole , padded collar for a comfortable fit, and rustproof hardware for durability. A unique comfort system meets most rigorous worksite, help reduce foot fatigue, supports the arch and cushions every step.

  • Genuine leather upper, Rubber sole
  • Oil Resistant
  • 100% Waterproof

You work hard and you play hard – so your footwear should reflect your lifestyle. When you’re hard at work, you need shoes and boots you can rely on to offer your feet the protection they need under tough working conditions in all types of weather and in any terrain. We’ve got your feet covered with the widest selection of durable, hard-wearing men’s work shoes and Kingshow boots.

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